Jacob Rijnvis


Jack Rijnvis

(written by Jack Rijnvis)

Jack Rijnvis was happily employed at Mt. Ida Copperfield Goldmine 154 miles north of Kalgoorlie had to search for a possible environment to settle a migrant family over 53 years old with 3 young girls.

He took time off to investigate for suitability, Esperance, Ravensthorpe through false promises of big developments, stayed only 2-3 weeks.

A meeting with young engineering shop owner Des Crumps advised Jack Rijnvis to see the Department of Industrial Development which recommended Albany with contact to Local Business People. He packed up from Mt. Ida and Ravensthorpe and started with Public Works Department Workshop for approx 4 weeks. Later with Barnesby Motors also Albany.

After information was gathered and personal impressions were gained, little time was left to find suitable site for building and possible workshop area.

Jack with limited finance around early March 1952 finally selected a site within reach in Brunswick Road Albany for residence and small workshop.

A partnership between Cornelis Hermannus Rijnvis and Jack Rijnvis was arranged in early 1953 as Melville Engineering Company with Jack as manager.

Early 1954 industrial land in Campbell road Albany was purchased for larger and future expansion. A new building 50 ft. x 50 ft. x 12 ft 6 was built.

This partnership was dissolved at 1965.

Jack Rijnvis took over, extended the operation with 3 person with limited machinery and tools to a workforce of 12 – 15 employees with latest machinery in 1967.

Melville Engineering Company was sold November 1967 to Tubular Steel Structures Fremantle. (Ryan & Ryan)

Jack Rijnvis started a new venture in Cockburn Road Albany.

On Drs. advice the fabricated steel was put to storage in Albany and the family moved to Busselton February 1971.

Jack Rijnvis commenced in a small way a steel and pipe supply business. Cut and sell with some manufacture.

In 1977 the storage of fabricated steel was transferred to Busselton. A workshop was constructed in new Busselton Industrial Area.

At 19 April 1989 sold to son Murray Rijnvis, trading as “Murray’s Steel” , later to be “South West Steel Products”.